We provide a flexible and bespoke service to all clients.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced property and asset managers, facilities managers and accountants know the industry inside out and truly care about your property, your tenants and you. We prove this every day by delivering the best in class, tailored services to suit your needs. 

Amy Soar
Amy Soar CEO A qualified chartered surveyor with over 10 years’ experience of property and asset management. Amy joined Helix in 2013. Prior to this, Amy worked at BNP Paribas and Workman.    
Rick Slater
Rick Slater Director of Property & Asset Management A qualified chartered surveyor with over 30 years’ experience. Rick joined Helix in 1998. Prior to this, he trained at Gooch & Wagstaff Chartered Surveyors.
Robin Fell
Robin Fell Vice Chairman Robin privately owns Helix, having previously run a large surveying practice for 18 years. Robin’s pro-active work ethos leads us to achieve great results, whatever the challenge.
David Cullum
David Cullum Finance Director A qualified chartered accountant with over 15 years’ experience. David joined Helix in 2005 and is responsible for all aspects of property accounting and corporate reporting.
Simon Oliver
Simon Oliver Chairman Simon has considerable experience within FMCG businesses, bank advisory and private equity investment. He is the former Chairman of Dairy Crest and joined the board in 2011.
Rick Slater
Rick Slater Director of Property Management
Abigail van der Berg
Abigail van der Berg Director Abigail is a qualified chartered surveyor with 10 years’ experience in the property industry. Having previously worked in residential and commercial property management covering all asset classes for a variety of clients, she joined in 2016.
Ben West
Ben West Director A qualified chartered surveyor with over 20 years’ experience. Ben previously worked in property management for a number of large corporate clients and joined us in 2012.
Alison Earle
Alison Earle Associate Director Alison is a qualified chartered surveyor with 10 years’ experience. Having previously worked in residential property management for a wide range of private landlords, she joined us in 2008.
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly Associate Director Laura is a qualified chartered surveyor with 9 years’ experience in the property industry. Having previously worked for a variety of clients including pension funds and institutional investment funds covering all asset classes she most recently worked for the Landlord of a major London estate before joining in 2017.
Abby Said
Abby Said Office Manager
Catherine East
Catherine East Assistant Property Manager
Eleanor Harbage
Eleanor Harbage Property & Asset Manager
Eleanor Gadsby
Eleanor Gadsby Property & Asset Manager
Fatima Jarjue
Fatima Jarjue Assistant Property Manager
Felicity Meek
Felicity Meek Head of Administration
Francesca Budd
Francesca Budd Assistant Property Manager
Katie Hirst
Katie Hirst Head of Marketing & Business Development
Laura Cook
Laura Cook Property & Asset Manager
Madeleine Walkley
Madeleine Walkley Property & Asset Manager
Nicole High
Nicole High Assistant Property Manager
Nuria Snelgrove
Nuria Snelgrove Assistant Property Manager
Trudy Hallewell
Trudy Hallewell Property & Asset Manager
David Cullum
David Cullum Finance Director
Anthony Ashby
Anthony Ashby Fund Accountant
Anna Grzegorczyk
Anna Grzegorczyk Purchase Ledger Accountant
Brian Vaz
Brian Vaz Property Accountant
Charlene Walker
Charlene Walker Service Charge Accountant
Debbie Bevan
Debbie Bevan Fund Accountant
Emma Mahoney
Emma Mahoney Property Accountant
Jackqueline Harris-Noonan
Jackqueline Harris-Noonan Property Accountant
Kaushik Patel
Kaushik Patel Financial Controller
Lucie Mettam
Lucie Mettam Property Accountant
Maria Morgan
Maria Morgan Service Charge Accountant
Marianna Tarka
Marianna Tarka Service Charge Accountant
Mya Guerra
Mya Guerra Service Charge Accountant
Neil Buckland
Neil Buckland Fund Accountant
Nusrat Hamid
Nusrat Hamid Purchase Ledger Accountant
Dawn Thompson
Dawn Thompson Head of Facilities Management Dawn has over 10 years' of experience as a Building Manager. She has worked at a senior management level since 2007 and joined Helix in 2012.
Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne Facilities Manager
Jolanta Chopra
Jolanta Chopra Assistant Facilities Manager
Jolanta Wisniewska
Jolanta Wisniewska Facilities Manager
Julie Melsom
Julie Melsom Facilities Manager
Lee Price
Lee Price Head of Health & Safety
Martin Rivers
Martin Rivers Facilities Manager
Mira Yovcheva
Mira Yovcheva Assistant Facilities Manager